Here’s a few rum-related links that I have found very useful in my rum journey.  The information found in these sites is way more comprehensive than what I could compile, and their reviews are so much more eloquent than anything I could do, so rather than redo their work, I’ll just link you to it so you can do your own research, you lazy bums:

The Ministry of Rum – Huge resource for all things rum… and a great group of enablers and supporters to keep you strong in your addic… err… enthusiasm.

The Rum Project  – The Cap’n has strong opinions on the subject of rum and he pulls no punches telling it how he sees it.  It may seem a tad harsh at times with a bit of a darn-younguns-get-off-my-lawn attitude… but no one can deny that the Cap’n knows his rum, and some time on his Rum project website is almost mandatory to all seeking more knowledge.

Bilgemunky – Rum and pirates go together like… hmmm… I don’t think anything rhymes with “pirates”.  In any case, you’ll find plenty of both at bilgemunky’ site… along with some of the best reviews in the interwebs.

El Machete Rum – A Cuban from Miami… ’nuff said.

RnD Rum Reviews – A couple of guys who love rum more than you do… and they get to sail around the world enjoying it, so their lives are infinitely better.

The Rumdood – Bartender and rum lover from the So Cal area.  Not only does he have some great reviews, but quite the extensive list of cocktails as well.

The Rum Howler Blog – From our neighbors to the north comes this sites with tons of reviews, not just of rum but other spirits as well.

Scottes Rum Pages – Another treasure trove of rum reviews.

As I find more useful stuff I will be adding it here.

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