Sibling Rivalry Part 1: El Dorado

There are a handful of rums on the list of competitors for which I did not specify which particular rum in their line I was going to be using in the World Cup.  El Dorado is one of them, and I left that specificity out because I wasn’t sure.  Both El Dorado 12 and El Dorado 15 meet my World Cup requirements (as do some others in their line, but I just stuck to these two) and both get rave reviews.  I have only tried the 15 before and liked it a lot, so I was just going to use that one, but then I saw that one of the local stores carried the 12 for just over $20 so I figured, whet the heck… let them duke it out.  Winner goes to the World Cup.

In an attempt to be somewhat objective in my decision I decided to conduct a semi-blind test.  I labeled two glasses “A” and “B” on the bottom (so I couldn’t see it as I tasted) and poured the 12 in glass “A” and the 15 in glass “B”, then I did a little 3-card Monte action on myself while I watched some of the Heat-Knicks game… and then I went to town on those glasses.

The first one greeted me with a bit of spicy sweetness at first, kinda like ginger ale… real ginger ale though, not that Canada Dry stuff, it was sharp.  Then it went a bit oaky on me, but always with that hint of underlying sweetness, and then it was gone much too soon, leaving smokey sweet spice behind… like barbecue jerky maybe. No? Okay.

The second one started much more subdued.  There was some spice in there and the sweetness was there too, but it was much smoother.  Other flavors popped up here and there, but I had to really pay attention to capture them, they seemed more blended together.  This one ended in a much sweeter note.

I had to give it to the first one, though not by much.  The flavors were there and told you so pretty clearly, but still worked well together.  I felt the second one maybe tried to make too smooth a combo and ended up losing its character. Maybe it was aged too long?  I guessed the second one was the 15.

When I flipped the glasses over I found out I was wrong.  The first one was, in fact, the 15.  Shows how much I know.  I poured another tasting of each and tried them again, this time fully aware of which was which.  My initial impressions were confirmed.  The winner was the El Dorado 15.

Next up: Sibling Rivalry Part 2: Matusalem (I might do it later tonight… if I’m sober still)

I know, I know… when is the World Cup going to actually begin? Next week, I promise.

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